GSAK – First Steps

Welcome to my tutorial on GSAK. This part covers opening GSAK for the first time and setting up your information, as well as setting up your GPS model. You should only have to do this setup once.

When you first open GSAK, you will get a screen like the one below asking if you want to import some demo caches into GSAK. I don’t think there is any point; there isn’t very many of them and they are all in California. Just click the no button.


The first step you are going to want to do is authenticate your geocaching information, ie basically logging into using GSAK and then updating your home coordinates. Having home location coordinates is useful to sort which caches are close to your location. If you aren’t sure if you’ve done this yet, or if you need to update them after moving, here is the link to set them up.  Update Home Coordinates on

Once you’re happy with your home coordinates, it’s time to log into using GSAK. To do this, click the “ Access” tab along the top of GSAK, and then click on “Update User Information” which I have selected in the picture below.


When you do, you’ll get a pop-up box like this one below. Make sure both options are checked, then click OK, (First option is to download your home coordinates from into GSAK, the other downloads your user ID number. Both are used by GSAK for many different reasons.)


After a few seconds, you’ll get a log on screen something like this below. This page is hosted by; so it is safe to enter your Geocaching username and password here. Make sure the “Keep me signed in” box is checked. Then click Sign In.


It will then ask if you want to allow GSAK to access your information. Click “Allow Access” as seen below.


It will then download your home coordinates and Geocaching user ID. At this point, GSAK is now configured to work with  You should now have GSAK looking something like below.


At this point you will be able to download caches and Pocket Queries, upload cache logs, and a whole lot more.

The final thing we are going to do is to tell GSAK what GPS you have. Click the GPS option in the menu bar, then go to Setup.

Now simply pick the make and model of your GPS. If you don’t find your exact model, pick the closest one. Then hit OK and you are done.Image7

You have now setup GSAK to use your Geocaching profile and information, and have told it what model of GPS you have. Well done,  this is the end to this tutorial.