GSAK – Loading caches onto GPS

There are many ways of loading caches onto your GPS. One of the best, and safest ways is using GSAK. Because you have already selected your GPS in one of the earlier lessons, GSAK knows where to place the files so they work, and without the risk of you accidentally the wrong files, causing damage to your GPS. Even though I have personally never messed up my GPS, there have been times when I thought I had accidentally deleted the main Garmin folder on my GPS, instead of the Garmin folder on the SD card in it. Trust me, thinking you’ve basically deleted the operating system of your GPS is a scary thought.

Now that you know why using GSAK is a great idea, lets get started.

In the example below, I’ve downloaded some caches close to my home I haven’t found yet which are not disabled.  On the top menu, Click the “GPS” tab. (If you haven’t set your GPS model yet, click “Setup” and pick your GPS model, or nearest if yours isn’t listed.) Otherwise, click the “Send Waypoints” option.


That will bring you to a screen like the one below. The options you see here will vary based on your model of GPS. I normally leave the “Use Defaults” option checked. On my Garmin GPSMAP 62sc, the default settings copy a file called “Geocaches.gpx” into the correct folder, overwriting the older version. With my limited experience with Magellans, it does the same thing too.  You do this to prevent loading too many caches for your GPS to handle.


If you want to change any option, remove the check mark next to “Use Defaults”.

Otherwise click “Send” to start the copy process. It will process for a few seconds, then copy the file on. When you’re returned to the main screen it has finished. You’re now ready to safely remove your GPS from the computer and go caching! Have fun!