Puzzle Solving Tutorials

With so many different type of puzzles out there (most of which I haven’t solved yet), I obviously can’t write tutorials for every puzzle out there, so I’m going to start with my own puzzles. I’m not going to give you the answers, but hopefully give you a few pointers that will help with the puzzle’s mentioned in the tutorials, plus maybe get you looking at puzzles in a different way.

  • What the Duck Geo-Art – Puzzle Helpers

    At the beginning of 2014, the Quinte Area Caching Krew (aka Quackers) decided to place some Geoart in the Bay of Quinte. After a few months of work, it was ...

  • Quacker Pi 2015 Puzzles

    When placing a puzzle cache out, I try to place enough information in the cache description to point you in the right direction. While there are puzzles by others out ...