Quickly open Geocache page in Chrome

Most modern web browsers let you add your own search engine settings. I recently played with these options in Chrome, and now it’s one of the main ways I use to open up a cache page.

I’m sure we all see GC codes listed on Facebook posts, instant messaging, etc. Here is a quick and easy tip that lets you open the cache page by simple typing “cache GC Code” into Chrome.

1. Go and click on the “Customize and control Google Chrome” in the top right (Three Horizontal Lines) and then go down to “Settings”.


2.  Next go to “Manage Search Engines”


3. This will bring you to the page where you can add Geocaching.com as a search engine.  search

Scroll the list down until there is an text box where you can add text. (See below) The first box is just a name so you recognize it if you come back to these settings. The second box is the keyword you’ll enter in the address bar. I use the work “cache”  since it needs to be at least three characters, and cache made the most sense to me. The final box is the most important, this is where Chrome will go to when you use the word “cache” followed by a GC code. Copy and paste the following code in there.   http://coord.info/%s

Then click done.


4. Final step is to test it out. In a new Chrome tab, simply type your keyword, eg cache followed by a space, then type or paste a GC code. Press enter and the cache page will load up 🙂